Philips BV Libra

The Philips BV Libra is a compact, portable Philips fluoroscopy mobile c-arm that can be used for diagnostics and surgical procedures. The cost-effective, ergonomically-designed and versatile X-ray imaging system delivers high-quality fluoroscopic images while requiring significantly less radiation dose than many comparable systems.


  • Dual high-resolution monitors
  • 9” triple-mode image intensifier
  • BodySmart imaging software
  • Philips DoseWise
  • Laser aiming
  • Dose-saving pulsed fluoro mode
  • Full Radiology Information System/Hospital Information System (RIS/HIS) compatibility
  • Medicapture or Paper/transparency printer
  • Medical DVD recorder
  • DICOM integration
  • Modality Perfomed Procedure Step (MPPS)
  • Single button control


X-Ray Generation:

X-ray tube: Stationary anode tube with active heat management

X-ray generator: DC converter, Constant Potential (CP) generator, micro-processor controlled

Nominal power: 3.15 kW: 110 kV, 20 mA


Free space within C-arm: 77 cm (30.3”)

Angulation: +90° to -25°

C-arm depth: 61 cm (24.0”)

Rotation: ± 180°, with safety stop at ± 135°

Source Image Distance: 98 cm (38.7”)

Extended angulation (optional): +90° to -45° for increased projection flexibility

Lowest lateral working position: 102 cm (40.0”)

Imaging chain:

Image intensifier: Single mode 6” HC,  Triple mode 9” HRC

TV camera type: Interline transfer CCD; high resolution

Nominal II formats: 6”: 15 cm 9”: 23, 17, and 14 cm (9”, 7” and 5”)

Video standard: CCIR: 625 lines; 2:1 interlaced


Lase Aiming Device: Yes

ViewForum: Multi-modality workstation

DVD Recorder: Yes